Day Three

 The blog tour is quite enjoyable. It's nice to see people making positive comments about my work. I loved writing this book. It had me thinking of all the various events that took place, many that did not make it into the book. I am having a problem with the "reply" buttons. Today I am at AllTheUpsandDowns blog. She uses Blogger and somehow when I clicked on 'reply,' so I could respond to the first comment, it gave some kind of warning about google and when trying to reply to others only the first reply would pop up. I guess I will wait to the end of the day and try to make one large response. I wonder if it has to do with linking my response to this blog.

First Day of the Virtual Blog Tour!

  Today is the first day of my Virtual Blog Tour for French Kiss . It went well. Several comments, a re-blog and some sales! All during the blog tour the E-book is on sale for 99¢. I’m happy with the comments. One was about the cover, “It sets the tone for the book.” I think so, too. I am very happy with Stephanie Anderson’s formatting, creative cover and interior work. It really is true, the book cover must hint at the story. You have to get it right or it won’t help sell the book.

Two Days to the Cover Reveal!

Only TWO more days until my newest book will be available in e-book format. Some electronic readers have color and some are strictly black and white. If yours has color, or if you read on a desktop, then you’ll see the first page of each chapter has some distinctive graphics. The designer who created the cover and interior design is Stephanie Anderson of Alt Create 19. Her professional work, from the cover to the interiors is unique and perfect. Monday Sept 6 I start three weeks of Virtual Blog Tours. You can read about my book on the blog and see the interview or guest post and even leave question for me. Next week, I will be on these blogger sites:  Mon   Tues   Wed ,  Thur   http://blog.danitaminnis. com/ , and Fri      
My Spotify French Kiss List will be up Tomorrow!  

8 Days to the Cover Reveal!

  French Kiss is the vividly remembered events of my eighteen-month European adventure. It took three days to get there. Three Days!   It was a series of well-meaning but, in the end, incomplete preparation by the first airlines. The other two, I believe, had errors and missteps through rushing to be heroic. We ultimately arrived at a tiny airport with - I kid you not - cows grazing on the grass beyond the runways. I have seen through Google earth their airport is nowadays very modern and more extensive. If you have never been to Luxembourg, try it. Although some years ago, it was scrupulously clean, with outdoor cafés in abundance. Homes had flower boxes under the windows overflowing with blossoms. It is French-speaking, but many locals speak English; it’s a lovely setting for taking a vacation 'breather.' The city itself is famous for a fortified medieval Old Town resting on a sheer cliff. The small country is primarily rural with nature parks and forests for hiking.

French Kiss

I am excited to introduce you to my book, French Kiss. I created the storyline from my letters home,  many diary entries I made while there, and vivid memories I will always  carry with me to construct this story. It is part memoir and part fiction. I based most of it on my actual experiences when traveling in Europe just after graduating from college. Fresh from years of study and memorization I needed something different. I needed  experiences, not books. I embraced  the idea of new cultures and languages, although truthfully, I was not prepared for either! As you will discover in French Kiss, my trip was part adventure, part travel log, and a lot of romance. Most of the situations I described were as close to the actual facts as I could recall. Jumping on the running board of a green VW Bug, sitting in the Devil’s Throne, peering into the dolomite caves of Mount Puget, visiting the Mouth of Truth (Bocca della Verità), meeting a handsome Italian at the bus stop, those are just so